Q:  When did you join "The Johnny Holm Band"?
A:  September 2009

Q:  How did you join "The Johnny Holm Band"?
A:  A mutual friend of ours got us in-touch with each other

Q:  What do you do for "The Johnny Holm Band"?
A:  Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals

Q:  Name your 3 biggest musical influences?
A:  Sting/The Police, Buddy Holly, Johnnie Johnson

Q:  What is your favorite song to play every night.after night after night?
A:  "Lookin' for a Good Time" by Lady Antebellum

Q:  What CD is in your CD player right now? Or Ipod?
A:  Del Amitri: "Hatful of Rain"

Q:  What has been your favorite place ever played?
A:   The St Cloud Civic Center

Q:  What was your most embarrassing moment ever on stage?
A:  Oooooo.....several...

Q:  What is the most common question asked about Johnny Holm?
A: "Where's the 'Big Man'?"

Q:  Where did you grow up?
A:  Lake Benton, MN (home of the Showboat Ballroom)

Q:  What is your favorite late night road snack?
A: Kwik Trip egg salad sandwich, chips, and Diet Mt Dew

Q:  What are 3 of your favorite movies?
A:  Star Wars (you just had to see it in 1977...), This Is Spinal Tap, A Christmas Story

Q:  Name 14 reasons why you love your job? ....................ok one?
A:  The band consists of great musicians and great people, the fun places we play, the JHB fans, the variety of music...